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Walk the web of life, ever knowing that what is behind and what is before brings us perfectly to center. - Kiera D. Laike, IRW

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What is unique about an Embodied Healing?

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We are physically located in Southfield, Michigan.
Here are directions to our location.

Welcome to the Embodied Wellness Center, a place supporting soul emergence in human form. Our center offers individual Embodied healing sessions, a Blog Talk Radio show, Awakend Soul Path teaching Embodied Meditation, Embodied Practice training, and much more.

Embodiment holds a core belief that each soul must first gather to itself, back to the moment of the soul taking its first human form (for some, even further back than that). To gather the soul essence, there must be an energetic container - thus, the need for the human body and its energy system.

A view from above: Emergence in space.

The search for purpose is answered in the awakening to your own soul essence pool within the human form and through understanding the mechanisms of connection therein.
- Keira Lake

Why we offer our services:
In Kiera's thirty years of supporting people in self-emergence, she has found transformation only occurs on a deep level after a true connection to the self is formed. Each of us, through many lifetimes, has been promised transformation in many forms and through many vehicles. Each of us was able to receive glimpses through various practices or rituals. These glimpses still lack the whole vehicle and mechanisms within our human form to work in the space-between, which provides us with the transformation we seek.

Our Vision:
Embodied Meditation Practice assures each individual soul essence the ability to choose its own experience while remaining in relationship. To glimpse an understanding of this, think of the biodiversity of the rainforest versus a farmer's wheat field. In the rainforest, each tree, vine, animal, insect, etc. lives in relationship - creating the rainforest, the lungs of the planet and one of the wonders of the world. In the farmer's field, the crop is planted with each plant programmed to produce and with anything else daring to grow in the field being pulled out. By altering the natural relationship in the field, it is changing our own DNA. There has now been four discovered phenotypes in human DNA that (should a person have them) cause wheat to be treated as poison by the body.

As we view the human field, we see that it has weakened and become distorted, like the wheat field. Our Embodied Vision is to once again make the human field like the rainforest, with each soul essence expressing its true nature and coming into relationship with all.

Our purpose is to invite the awakening, which only comes from the gathering of soul essence in human form. In our understanding, the awakening provides the mechanism of human skills and abilities, through the energy centers (vortex system - chakras) and only organized by soul essence. In other words, think of our energy vortex centers (chakras) of our body as phone lines ringing all at once, signaling our hypo. They ring to give us information at each moment of our day. Few of us have the ability to answer even one. Not understanding the messages our phone lines are calling with can manifest as physical or emotional pain. Instead, we may turn to someone else to tell us about the messages. Embodied Practitioners have the advantage of being able to answer more than just one or two of these lines. Your Embodied Practitioner can give you more complete information to aid you in taking charge of your changing environment. The gathering ultimately enables you to answer all your phone lines and the energy that is answering is your soul essence.

Our long-term goal and commitment is for each of you to be able to gather enough of your own soul essence to emerge into your own skills and abilities. This is what we call the awakening to what is. We have taken an oath to help those who cannot help themselves in these ways using these practices. We want to facilitate your healing at this point on your life-path. It is important for each person to travel on their individual life-path. This is one reason why we focus and customize each healing for you. What we do is not cookie-cutter, or simply sequential. Our work takes into account all of the variability around the issue we are working on with you. We try to take the variables one at a time, because it can get overwhelming otherwise. We will heal what is in affinity with your process of change at this time on your journey.

What is unique about an Embodied Healing?
The container of an Embodied Healing comes from the embodied soul of the practitioner. During your healing, your Embodied Practitioner is utilizing all 7, 8, or 9 major vortexes (chakras). Your Practitioner maintains a relationship with the healing energies called on in the healing and they continually employ those energies in the work.

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